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24 networking tips that actually work


If you cringe when the word “networking “ pops up in conversation, picturing yourself as a used car salesman or the person no one wants to sit next to at the class reunion, you’re not alone. The folks at Passive Panda, though, would like to ease your pain by with twenty-four ways not to be “that guy” (or gal) yet still make connections that can benefit your business and career. Networking never looked so nice.

The real goal of networking

1. The goal of networking should be to help other people.

2. It’s far more important to understand their needs before you tell them about your needs.

Setting expectations

3. You don’t need to know the most people, just the right people.

4. Don’t expect anything.

5. Don’t leave networking to chance.

6. Go beyond your industry.

7. Don’t dismiss anyone as irrelevant.

How to reach out to someone new

8. Quantify how much time you’re going to take.

9. Start by offering praise, not requesting help.

Full list and a closer look at Passive Panda.

A strong network is based on quality relationships.

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