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25 tiny e-mail marketing tips


Most digital marketing articles seem to focus on how to take best advantage of our addiction to social media, but that doesn’t mean our old friend e-mail needs to be forgotten.

Corey Eridon at HubSpot has twenty-five small experiments to try using in your e-mail marketing that could result in a big step in the right direction for your company.

1) Plain Text vs. HTML: You probably know it’s a best practice to always send a plain text version of your HTML emails in case there are rendering problems; but did you ever consider that a plain text email might just … perform better? We’ve tested email sends with certain segments of our list where this is actually the case — the recipients preferred seeing a plain text email, presumably because it felt less like they were being “marketed to.”

2) Image Selection: We encourage marketers to include images in their emails … but what kind? Take lead reconversion emails as an example. Do you see better conversions when you include, say, an ebook cover image? Or an image with stock photography? Or maybe even a meme? Test out different image types to see what strikes your readers’ fancy.

3) Image Placement: You can test more than just image choice. You can test the placement of those images! Should your template have a right aligned image, or left aligned? Or centered, perhaps? Heck — maybe no image at all!

Full story at HubSpot.

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