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26 New Year social media marketing trends


What does the future hold for social media marketing in 2013?

Though we don’t have a crystal ball to predict the Next Big Thing, Priit Kallas of Dreamgrow is the next best thing, making the call that next year will be all about mobile, personalization and location.

It always pays to be prepared, so read through and let a few ideas simmer over the next week or so, then start the new year off with a bang.

1. Social everything

Social media is here and it’s the place where consumer spend big part of their day and that time is increasing. If the site they are visiting is not a social networking site then it’s usually connected to social with sharing buttons, displaying your friends on the site or using social media accounts for login.

Social technologies will be at the heart of everyday life and business environment. Social media marketing will lead in making a shift to context based personalization of marketing messages.

2. Social media as entertainment

People have turned to TV and later to news sites to kill time almost from the beginning of time. This is changing. The biggest junk of time online goes to social networking. The triggers for this are obvious: it’s easy to use, requires little mental effort, makes feel you good and connected.

In March of 2012 The Hollywood Reporter study found that 88% of the respondents view social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook as a new form of entertainment, and 79 percent of television viewers visit Facebook while they watch TV. This make storytelling more important for brands as great stories entertain and engage.

Full story at Dreamgrow.

The future of social media.

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