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3 ways to escape zip ties [infographic]

As the news reminds us every night and the Internet reminds us every minute in between, the world is a dangerous place where one should always be prepared.

To provide you with the necessary knowledge to escape the inevitable involuntary bondage via zip tie, The Art of Manliness has illustrated three methods for escaping the horror waiting around every corner.

Remember, don’t come crying to us if you don’t study and practice.


Full story at The Art of Manliness via Boing Boing.

Be prepared with infographics.

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  • Or you could cut it with your teeth since it is plastic.

  • kel

    usually zipties are tied behind u

  • The SAS do it behind the back, and just the thumbs- less wriggle room.

  • As one who has been zip-tied, I can tell you it’s usually done behind your back. Sometimes just on the thumbs.

  • HAHA

    ^in what context were you zip-tied?

  • HAHA


  • […] may never get kidnapped and tied up with zip ties, but just in case you do. Because you never […]

  • I think that is impossible to break them, maybe the best way is to break the locking bar, but this is no easy. Anyway I’m not going to be in this situation.

  • @HAHA sorry. Missed your question. Context is riot control. The police grabbed dozens of us and used zip ties. All behind our back. Another time was in another (peaceful this time) protest. Arrested for trespassing.