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30 years of space travel in a single launch


For thirty years, the space shuttle inspired our imaginations and, on two horrific occasions, our nightmares, so to honor the program, Jesus Diaz and Woody Allen Jang created a video montage of all thirty years of takeoffs in one launch.

As Diaz noted:

The space shuttle was the most complex machine ever created. Even with all its faults, it was a mighty beast. Combined, the shuttles travelled 513.7 million miles (826.7 million km) in 135 missions. It’s an staggering number—we could have visited Jupiter!

As a spacenerd who never saw Saturn V roaring up to the skies, I couldn’t imagine a more amazing display of power and engineering prowess more amazing than the launch of the Space Shuttle. Strapped to 1.6 million pounds of liquid fuel and two solid rocket boosters pushing 5,600,000 pounds-force of liftoff thrust, it was a thing of beauty that we will never see again.

Be sure to check out the video and full article at the link below.

Full story at Gizmodo.

Thanks NASA.

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