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30,000 bees discovered in wall of New Jersey home

If you happen to hear a buzzing that’s not coming from the fridge, call your local beekeeper.

A really noisy humming alerted residents of one home in New Jersey it was time to bring in the pros, and as the sheet rock came down, a hive of 30,000 Africanized bees were discovered building a massive hive in the wall.

“What I’m doing is I’m slowly cutting out each piece of lath – and as I do it, it just exposes more bees and more honey and more comb,” [Mickey Hegedus] the third-generation beekeeper says with a surprisingly upbeat demeanor. “These are Africanized – these are the most aggressive bees I think I’ve ever cut out of a hive.”

This particular type of bee is known for being excellent at foraging, and the evidence could be found in the forty pounds of honey also found on site.

Ninety-five percent of the hive was saved and relocated to a rural area of the state.

Full story at Treehugger.

A sticky situation.

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