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4 signs of emotional intelligence

How well do you not only recognize emotions, but express and manage them in healthy ways?

Our ability to do both is what’s called emotional intelligence, and it has a huge impact on how we function in society, yet identifying it isn’t necessarily easy.

Professors Jose M. Mestre and Kimberly A. Barchard outline four signs of those with a high emotional IQ, not only to look for in other people, but to cultivate in ourselves.

1. You think about your reactions

Emotional intelligence can mean the difference between a good reaction and a bad reaction to circumstances. Emotions can contain important information that can be useful to personal and social functioning – but sometimes these emotions can also overwhelm us, and make us act in ways we would rather not…

2. You see situations as a challenge

If you are able to recognise negative emotions in yourself and see difficult situations as a challenge – focusing on the positives and persevering – chances are that you’ve got high emotional intelligence…

Full story at The Conversation.

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