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4 tips on building resilience

Resilience, or the ability to bounce back from life’s many setbacks, is a skill we could all use, no matter what our profession or circumstances.

While self-help books have carved out a significant section of the bookstore, a few lessons in resilience taught from a young age puts us on a path to facing new challenges successfully, or simply facing them, period.

Arthur Peirce at Lifehack offers four tips on building this essential skill.

1. Always look on the bright side, especially in stressful situations.

This is a key, underlining aspect to it all. It makes a lot of sense, because, for example, if someone were to react to a stressful event by thinking it was the worst thing in the world, it will seem as such. But were they to somehow remain positive, to see the silver lining in it, then it will seem less overwhelming, and as such they will be more resilient…

2. Stay connected with someone supportive.

One unifying factor of the most resilient children in the study mentioned earlier is that they had a support structure. They had parents, guardians, or a teacher that had their back. Other reports and studies have suggested the same.3

All you need is someone who wants to see you succeed and is willing to help you do so…

Full story at Lifehack.

A key factor to overcoming adversity.

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