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4 tips for helping not-so-tech-savvy parents


Tired of fielding calls from Mom and Dad every time they experience a technical snafu that you’ve already patiently explained? Well, so did “Child of the Technically Challenged” when they wrote in to Lifehacker requesting some much-needed advice, but before you completely lose patience, remember, they had to potty train you, and nothing ruins a day faster than another turd on the dining room floor.

Set your expectations correctly

Your parents are never going to be you. You’ve probably figured that one out by now, but when you’re making suggestions or helping them through a problem, it’s easy to forget… If they ask you for a recommendation for any kind of gadget, be sure to consider what works best for them rather than you. If they need help with a computer problem, help them with detailed steps. Talk it out like you’re seeing it for the first time. You can’t expect them to know all terms you’ve picked up over the years, even if they seem incredibly simple…

Make a tutorial for every technical issue

Whenever your parents have a technical issue, make a tutorial. (There’s actually a site to help you do that called Teach Parents Tech.) You could even make a wiki or start a YouTube channel so they can easily refer back to every one you make—text, video, or otherwise…

Full story at Lifehacker.

Your turn to play parent.

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