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4 ways to conquer fear of rejection


It’s time to stop justifying a lack of success with a fear of the new heights you could be reaching. Although success stories are inspirational, it’s easy to overlook the failures and rejections those who succeed suffered along the way.

Geoffrey James at Inc. has four suggestions to get a jump on your New Years’ resolutions by overcoming the fear of rejection that stops potential sales for your business and puts a kink your career path. It doesn’t take much to take his sales-related advice and turn the suggestions toward anxieties experienced off the job, either.

In the wise words of FDR, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Step 1: Realize that most rejections aren’t real.

… Most “rejections” don’t have anything to do you with personally. Anybody else taking the same action that you did, at the same time, would have gotten the exact same reaction. The “rejection” is simply a hallucination that your emotions have created to “explain” the event.

Step 2: Understand the source of the “sting.”

… Your job is to identify the specific circumstances that are causing the “sting”… then we can begin work on neutralizing it.

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