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4-year-old kid rides a baby bull, adorableness ensues [video]

Before you vote these parents as worst parents of the year, watch the video. It’s actually painfully cute, and the bull is very gentle. In fact, that baby bull looks downright bored.

Full story at Buzzfeed.

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  • At 65 I still have fond memories of riding in Little Britches Rodeo

  • That kid is 10 feet tall and will always remember that experience. I think it is great!

  • kb

    thyere still is some good things in life .

  • CLB

    I don’t believe it is a baby bull, it is too developed. It is probably a miniature bull (yes there is a mini breed). However, what a great experience for this young boy and what a great idea from the parents.


  • Must been a bottle baby bull and a show bull

  • This is a great video, no parental abuse here, just love and introduction to his culture

  • john six

    Can you say “STUPID REDNECK DAD”???? What kind of moron would put a 4 year old on the back of BULL no matter how “small” or “cute” it is. That animal could’ve gone ballistic at any time and that kid would’ve been DEAD.

  • Linda

    I’d say he’s probably safer on the back of a bull than riding in a car these days, and having way more fun!

  • Lance

    Safer on that bull then in a public school.

  • Growing up we did the same thing it was a blast and it’s a good memory. The kids not being forced to do it

  • I think the ones who are objecting the most are the ones most UN-familiar with the country lifestyle. My kids and grandkids climb on whatever has four legs around our homestead. Horses, burros, steers, pigs… They do NOT go “ballistic” at any time (listening, John Six?). Clean, good fun.

  • Carolyn

    Yeah, give the bull time to mature after years of being made into a money machine. See how gentle it is then.

  • And then Mom saw the video…

  • Gone are the days when children were actually taught something about their lives and how to live it. This is what it used to be like, children learning how to live, not just type on a keyboard or cell phone. This boy will be better equipped for life with family teaching him at a young age how to live what’s real. These will be good memories for him, much better than the garbage kids have now a days, cell phones, selfies, violent games, bullying online, etc.

  • Yu

    its all fun and games and EXCUSES – oh its cute! Til the animal acts like an animal and the spawn of the stupid end up maimed or dead

  • You can always tell by the comments the people who “just dont get it” and never will.

  • That’s a miniature bull, not a baby.

  • Serafina C.

    It is cute but not a good idea. We never have any idea how an animal is going to react. It could have bucked and the kid fall off and become paralyzed from a bad fall. But hey, not my kid.

  • How cute! And he looks like he’s having a blast!

  • Casey Miller

    I have seen many RCA stock contactors hall bulls like this :). just Kidding…….That’s great , way to go and nice to see the protective equip. It wasn’t too long ago the only protective equip was a mounthpiece

  • Amanda

    While it may be true that we do not know FOR CERTAIN how any animal will react, I guess some of you don’t want him riding a horse, playing with a cat or dog, going to a petting zoo (they DO have goats & sheep bigger than the boy), or even fishing (his finger could get bit).

  • A bull riders weight is what makes the bull buck, plus the use of the flank strap around it’s midsection. There is no flank strap used on this regular young bull! Someone said probably a show bull, yeah maybe! The boy has no weight to him and he isn’t being held on by a flank strap, this bull has no reason to buck! Child abuse and irresponsible….yeah, then I guess every American farmer raising kids on a farm in this country are guilty! Ranchers kids, dairy farmers kids, crop farmers kids are taught from a very young age to use huge farm equipment and they are taught well. I guess my grandfather was really negligent letting us jump into the filled grain silo and sink in, we could have suffocated in corn! I got kicked in the arm at eight wiping, disinfecting a cows utters to put the milkers on and she broke my arm in three places! This is their way of life and how they were raised and their lively hood is made around bulls, that father knows bull riding and he knows that bull isn’t going to eject something from his back that isn’t a weight on his back-he wants off and that weight isn’t tied on with the ever so hated flank strap. This kentucky girl loves this video and the commenters with common sense!!!