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43% of Canadians prefer bacon over sex


Canadians love bacon. Like, really, truly love bacon. A recent survey reveals that 43 percent of Canadians would choose bacon over sex. Yep, you read that right, more than four in ten prefer the sizzling tastiness of a dead pig over the chance to get lucky in the sack.

The survey, conducted by Maple Leaf Foods, discovered a few other deliciously interesting bacon tidbits:

  • When exposed to different fragrances, 23 percent of men preferred the smell of bacon.
  • 82 percent of male respondents who said they loved bacon also claimed they were good lovers.
  • Western Canadians proclaimed a deeper love of bacon than those in the east with 50 percent of British Columbia participants saying they’d give up sex before bacon, versus just 37 percent of respondents from Quebec.

Full story at Perishable News.


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  • Ryuji

    I’m no Canadian, but bacon may be good for breakfast and not dinner. I can still work out a perfect solution in which one is not forced to choose one over the other.