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44 signs it’s time to overhaul your social media strategy


Knowing how to use the tools of social media is one thing, but making them work for you is another issue entirely. If all that work isn’t yet paying off in leads or new business, your social media strategy may not be up to snuff. Pam Moore at Social Media Today has compiled this handy list of forty-four key indicators that it’s time to head back to the drawing board.

1. ROI, what is that again?

2. You avoid all client discussions who want to discuss ROI at all costs!

3. You avoid taking on new clients who know what ROI is.

4. You can’t remember the last time you got a lead online.

5. 95% of your leads are still coming from the chamber and local meetup groups.

7. Retainer client, what’s that?

8. You can’t understand why those other agencies are wasting time on plans and objectives? Why aren’t they tweeting and Facebooking for their clients?

9. You don’t understand why they charge more than $99/mo as it’s just tweets and tweets are free!

10. Ramen noodles with shrimp is a gourmet meal.

Full story at Social Media Today.

Time for a social media tune-up.

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