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5 alternatives to Instagram


Ever since Facebook announced its takeover of Instagram, users have been becoming wary of their favorite way to share a meal without having to pay for two, but as the piper came to call with the most recent scandal causing many to close their accounts and head for the door, even if the company dropped the idea of selling photos after all.

If you haven’t found a substitute to fill the empty space where Instagram once dwelt in your social media lineup yet, then Francisco Rosales of Socialmouths has five suggestions that might fit the bill.


EyeEm is a smaller network built in Berlin, seems to understand what building culture means. A lot of cool things happening with its community, which looks to be growing into a small army of hardcore fans.

Some of the expected features like filters and location and others like “Albums” and tagging. It’s probably not in your list but definitely worth checking out.


Starmatic is also presenting some cool features like cropping freedom (you are not forced to post a square-shape image), the ability to re-post other people’s photos, organizing your favorites and also a pretty nice interface.

Full story at Socialmouths.

New vistas in social media.

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