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5 animal myths busted


We’ve all heard some of these animal myths. If you cut an earthworm in half, both halves live on. If you touch a chick, the momma bird won’t accept it back. Cracked takes aim at these myths and more in this article. Here’s a sample:

As for mice and cheese, to start off, mice have really sensitive noses, so Limburger would peel their little mousey faces off. Figuratively speaking. And then a recent study that we hope was funded by a grant to investigate cartoon myths found that mice respond to the taste, smell and texture of food, and will decline something as strong-smelling and highly flavored as cheese. They’re actually drawn to foods with relatively high sugar content, such as grains and fruit. In response to all this cheese/mice humbug, the apparently bored British Parliament released a “technical note” suggesting that mice be caught with, “biscuits, porridge oats, other cereals and chocolate.”

Full story on Cracked.

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