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5 best apps for car lovers


If nothing gets your engine revving like a car show or classic beauty (of the automobile variety) cruising down the street, then has Mashable’s Daniel Watson got an article for you.

Just because the law doesn’t want you using your phone on the road doesn’t mean you can’t spend your time off the road fantasizing about any number of dream machines that catch your fancy with these five great apps for car lovers.

Garage Buddy (above)

From unit calculators and converters to repair charts and assistance, Garage Buddy has it all. This innovative app can even monitor a car’s mileage and determine its fuel economy, if the driver so chooses. Unique installation guides are included, and drivers can even enjoy how-to tutorials about common garage tools and replacement parts.


The mark of a good car enthusiast is his ability to get out of a jam. If you’ve ever wanted to outsmart traffic, then this app is for you.

Waze, at its core, functions as a crowdsourced GPS navigation app. However, it is so much more than that. The GPS navigation, although not perfect, functions well enough. The real gem is Waze’s ability to give you real-time, accurate information on traffic and accidents. It comes as no surprise that there are rumors about Apple’s plan to acquire Waze to help resurrect its buggy Maps app.

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