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5 characteristics of leaders in the era of social media


The widespread use of social media has had an enormous impact on not only the way companies are organized and operated but in the way they are led.

Effective managers in this new age of communication display particular characteristics that are enhanced by social media, and it was around these five qualities that a recent meeting in DC between the authors of the book Humanize and representatives from businesses incorporating these changes took place.

What makes a good leader in your organization?

1. They provide clear direction.

2. They use positive language when things change. They embrace change.

3. They are transparent and share information freely.

4. They reinforce the value of experimentation—even failure.

5. They talk aloud sharing their rationale and understanding with the team. They leverage the expertise of others to help them solve the tough problems.

Full story at Forum One.

Qualities of great leaders.

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