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5 crucial elements to have in place in case of crisis


A ship in a storm is likely going to sink if it isn’t seaworthy to begin with and it turns out, the same can be said of companies.

When disaster hits, some businesses survive and some fall by the wayside, but while researching the ones that could successfully roll with the punches, Chris Syme at Social Media Today and author of the ebook Listen, Engage, Respond found that they had certain elements in place before trouble loomed on the horizon, preparation that made all the difference.

1. Implement a social media monitoring dashboard. A listening system can help keep track of what is being said about your institution in the social media universe, alert you to issues you may not be aware of, and help you gauge public understanding and sentiment around an issue…

2. Develop a social media policy. There is a misunderstanding that a social media policy is a prohibitive document. The best social media policies operate as guide rails that empower people to use social media channels responsibly in a way that builds the organization’s brand…

Full story at Social Media Today.

All hands on the social media deck.

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