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5 epic marketing disasters

There are a lot of aspects of life where it’s best to learn from your own mistakes. Marketing is not one of them. In marketing, if you’ve made a mistake, your goose might already be cooked. It’s better to learn from someone else’s mistake. Take these five epic marketing flops, for example, and learn from them.

Look at Blockbuster, for example. Remember that company? Yeah. Back in 2004, they decided to end late fees in the face of competition from online rental companies. Huzzah! But when customers noticed anomalies on their credit card statements: enormous “restocking fees.” So it turns out Blockbuster didn’t end late fees, they just made you buy the movie. If you did return it, you had to pay $1.25. After a bunch of refunds and over half a million dollars in lawsuit penalties, Blockbuster undid their policy. Things ended well for them, right?

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