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5 fun facts about “It’s a Wonderful Life”


Classic Christmas flick It’s a Wonderful Life will no doubt be played in countless homes around the world this holiday season. So before the family gathers around the television to enjoy this feel-good film, brush up on your trivia knowledge about George Bailey’s story to impress even your scroogiest family members.

  1. Despite the snowy setting, the movie was filmed in California where temperatures reached 90 degrees during filming. Jimmy Stewart can be seen sweating in some scenes.
  2. Ginger Rogers turned down the role of “Mary” because she found the part to be “too bland.” When discussing the decision in her autobiography, Rogers asked her readers “Foolish, you say?”.
  3. The Hotel Clarence in Seneca Falls, New York is named for George Bailey’s guardian angel.
  4. The film was James Stewart’s first since returning from World War II where he flew missions over Germany.
  5. Despite being only referred to as “Mr. Potter,” the full name of Lionel Barrymore’s character is Henry F. Potter.

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