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5 fun facts about letter frequency


Letters can be fun. Literally. F-U-N. Eh? Eh? Jokes aside, a little trivia about letter frequency in the English language will ensure you have a fun thing to talk about around all your letter-loving pals.

  1. The English letter frequency sequence (from most to least common) is “ETAONRISHDLFCMUGYPWBVKXJQZ.”
  2. The twelve most-frequently used letters comprise approximately 80% of the total usage.
  3. The most common doubled letters are “LL EE SS OO TT FF RR NN PP CC.”
  4. “T” is the most common first letter in English words at 16.7% of words.
  5. “X” is the least common first letter in English words at 0.005% of words.

All these fun tidbits found at Answers.com.

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