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5 great tools to help your business manage social media


If it feels like the social media side of your business is getting out of hand, it’s time to tighten the reins and get a better hold on managing your brand.

Drew Hendricks at Soshable suggests five tools to streamline your social media activities and still make the most of the medium.

5. VerticalResponse. This system is a total service for any small business. It combines email and social media in one unique form. It unites them in a single online marketing campaign and is simple to use. It can schedule many items in advance, lets clients customize a library of websites for a particular industry, and offers suggestions for content. It comes at a cost of $18 per month.

4. Sendible. This tool allows a business to post to Facebook or to LinkedIn. It saves time and is effective at monitoring for relevant keywords and maintaining a social media presence. It separates email and social media unlike other tools. The basic marketing package charges $30 a month for up to 30 services.

3. Postling. This tool mixes basic social media postings, reporting, and monitoring. It also provides immediate notifications for reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor. The price structure is perfect for companies that are trying to maintain a social marketing presence. It only costs $5 a month for the first five accounts and $3 a month for each additional account.

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