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5 helpful hints for dealing with crabby customers


‘Tis the season of stress, and with it, plenty of touchy customers who are only one unpleasant experience away from losing it altogether, an experience that can easily turn a few-minute encounter into a big pain for your business.

Lisa Girard at Entrepreneur has five tips for keeping a smile on your customers’ faces this holiday season so that all the good will you cultivate throughout the year continues through the beginning of a new one.

1. Remember: The customer is always right.

The old “customer is always right” philosophy may still be the best approach for dealing with obnoxious shoppers. Customer service experts have long said that a happy customer tells one or two friends, while an unhappy customer tells several–or in the age of social media, hundreds of his closest strangers. And these statistics can be magnified by the emotions related to holiday shopping.

“Businesses spend so much of their money acquiring customers, yet can lose them over one complaint,” says Ken Varga, a marketing strategist in Spring Lake, N.J. After all, he adds, 99 percent of customers will obey the rules, so it’s about appeasing that difficult 1 percent. So when someone returns a product beyond the 30-day money back window, for example, you’re probably better off giving a refund with a smile. Otherwise, “they can hurt you badly,” Varga says, especially by badmouthing you on Facebook and Twitter.

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The key to great customer service.

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