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5 ideas on how to use Pinterest


Sharing your taste and ideas is obviously appealing to the hordes gathering at Pinterest, but there are some great ways to bring more focus to your pinning habit, according to Jason Keath. If you’ve just signed on and are looking for direction, here’s a sampling of his five great ideas to make your boards anything but boring.

Digital Cookbook

Now we’re not sure about you, but our cookbooks are dog-eared, stained with pasta sauce and threatening to give at the seams. We’ve got recipes tucked away on notecards hiding among its pages only to disappear right when we need them (of course!). Finally, Pinterest lets us store all those recipes—and future dishes we find around the web—all in one easy-to-maneuver place. It’s a great spot to store grocery store lists, and entertaining tips as well.

Travel Itinerary

Let Pinterest help you plan your next trip. Whether you want to go to Bali, San Diego, or the Arctic, Pinterest can help you keep all of your travel dreams in one spot. Think of it as a beautiful digital bucket list of all the places you hope to one day go. You can pin articles about great restaurants, sights, and killer hotels. Plus, you can take pictures of your jaunts and pin ‘em up post trip.

Full story at Jason Keath.

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  • Zoealexanderuk

    Pinterest is fantastic. So easy to use! There R so many trends, ideas popping up. I hadn’t thought about recipes idea. I have some exquisite ones to share!