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5 infectious diseases you might get in the ER


There are risks to visiting an ER. In even the cleanest, most efficient hospitals, infectious diseases lurk in waiting rooms, procedure rooms and every space in between. Recent data shows that health care-associated infections among children and adults in non-ICU (intensive care unit) areas of U.S. hospitals are as high as 1.2 million annually.

On the following pages, you’ll learn about the possible illnesses you can pick up in an emergency department. Just don’t let this newfound knowledge deter you from visiting the ER if you’re experiencing a life-threatening condition or injury. Seeking immediate treatment is always your best bet in such situations.

  • Surgical Site Infections: SSIs can crop up after a surgery in the area of the body where the procedure took place. Sometimes only the skin is affected, but in more dangerous cases, tissues, organs and implanted medical devices can become infected.
  • Respiratory Infections: Pneumonia is the No. 1 reason people are admitted to the hospital from the ER. And viruses like the flu and common cold, which are also extremely contagious, are hanging around emergency rooms as well.

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