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5 last-minute ways to put the “giving” in Thanksgiving


If a feast is on your calendar tomorrow, then that’s an incredible gift to be thankful for, familial tension notwithstanding, and though you may not have fulfilled all your New Year’s resolutions for doing good in 2012, it isn’t too late to make an impact on this day of giving thanks.

Ifdy at Inspiring Generosity has five ways to warm your heart before warming up the pie tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!

For Every Can You Buy For Yourself, Buy An Extra One to Donate

This can’t get any easier, and you end up collecting a good number of cans to donate to a local food bank. Odds are, your grocery store has a shopping cart or box by the registers where you can drop off your donated cans as you head out the store. So as you’re picking up a can of cranberry sauce or cream of corn, grab a second one to give away!

Lose the Loose Change Before You Get to Your Car

The familiar Salvation Army bells are ringing, reminding us it’s that time of year. But do something different this year! Set yourself a personal goal to always (or as much as possible) donate your loose change when you run into a Salvation Army volunteer. Grab the fistful of change from your pocket, and extend your hand before you go back out to the parking lot.

Full story at Inspiring Generosity.

Living good, doing good.

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