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5 metrics to measure your true social media savvy


It’s one thing to put your best foot forward when taking your business social, but as time goes on, the only way to find out whether that foot is truly going in the right direction is by measuring your impact with metrics.

Jason Miller at Social Media Examiner has five ways of seeing if all that effort is paying off or it’s time to do some tweaking.

#1: Examine Referring Traffic

Google Analytics is a fantastic way to measure how much traffic is being referred to your website from the various social channels.

Under the Traffic Sources tab, click on Referring Sites and then type in your social network of choice to see how much traffic is being referred. Set up goals based on the actions you want your visitors to complete. Quick Tip: For Twitter referrals, search both Twitter and t.co, which is the built-in Twitter link shortener.

#2: Review the Quality and Relevance of Content

Content is the fuel for your social media engine, but if it’s not relevant and useful, it’s a waste of digital space.

The correct way to assess the value of a piece of content is not by continuously checking every five minutes to see if your retweet count goes up or if someone comments on your blog…

…For each piece of content you create, monitor unique page views, time on page and total pages viewed. If unique page views go up, that’s an indication that your reach is growing, increased time on page shows that your content is interesting to the visitor and increased total page views means your visitor wants to learn more by clicking on other pages around your site…

Full story at Social Media Examiner.

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