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5 mistakes to avoid on Pinterest

“Pinterest puts the fun back into social networking, both for business owners and the followers who love them. By simply following a few best practices, you can use your Pinterest boards to win new followers and convert them into customers.”

“To help you make the most of this growing social media network, here are the top five mistakes I see brands make on Pinterest and how to fix them:”

  1. Missing optimization opportunities
  2. Letting pins fall where they may
  3. Too much or not enough text
  4. Low quality images
  5. Keep your boards focused

Full article at LKR Social Media.

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  • Amen.  Why anyone would pin a marginal to bad picture is beyond me.  Total waste of time.

  • My thought is: Who would include a bad picture on their website or blog in the first place?

  • +Deb Pang Davis I'm always surprised to see blogs with no photos on them and sometimes even articles about Pinterest so you can't even pin them.

  • Sometimes I pin not so great looking images because I'm saving that post for a reason like a recipe. Sometimes the content is good enough to override my desire for pretty things on my boards.

  • Great tips!

  • +Darcy Zalewski Hmmm… You got me thinking. Part of the challenge (and a much larger discussion) is that the top tier images are not readily accessible due to cost (though photographers might beg to differ). Creative Commons is pretty decent though even there finding images that accurately communicate more conceptual content is difficult.

    +Peg Fitzpatrick 
    I do believe that it is better to not to post an image at all if there isn't at least a good one. It's like editing copy. Why include a bad sentence or a paragraph that doesn't add anything to the overall quality?

    Now pinning a story that doesn't have a photo … that seems odd to me based on what Pinterest is all about. The image is what helps people latch on to a pin or board. Pinterest may not be the best place for that content.

  • +Deb Pang Davis for recipes I hope they aren't purchasing or using creative commons photos.I want to see what they actually made and we aren't all food photogs or food stylists. Same with crafts for kids, they aren't always gorgeous but I don't expect them to be or I question their authenticity.

    Though even if the photos aren't amazing they shouldn't be blurry.

    For content posts it's not always easy to find affordable images or free ones that you can modify that fit well with your message. But there's huge pressure to have images to pin so many of us do our best. My images aren't amazing but people still pin them because they want an organized way to bookmark it.

    Tldr; high quality images are easier said than done sometimes. (But a good discussion topic)