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5 NHL players who let it all hang out during the lockout


Hockey fans were a dour crowd while waiting for the lockout to end, but certain stars also looked like they were spending a few too many hours on the couch waiting to hit the ice and not enough time paying attention to personal appearances, a surprise considering what dapper gents they’re generally known to be.

Daniel Wagner at The Score had some harsh words for those who failed to visit the barber before taking their team pictures at training camp.

Brent Burns


This look is actually a pretty natural progression for Burns, as Greg Wyshynski illustrated over at Puck Daddy. The beard is impressively unkempt, but the hair is what sells it. It sticks out at all sorts of odd angles, with not even the semblance of a style. Did Burns spend the lockout on a desert island? Is that why he requested a ticket be set aside on opening night for someone named Wilson?

Full story at The Score.

So much for clean-cut sports.

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