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5% of South Carolina primary voters would vote Colbert


Politics has always been a rich source of material for comedians, but few comedians have ever thrown their hat in the ring in quite the same way Stephen Colbert has of late. From starting his own Super PAC to offering to sponsor the South Carolina primary, Colbert has actually gained enough of a following at this point to poll better than Jon Huntsman, whose campaign finally got a boost in New Hampshire with a third place finish.

In addition to the sponsor offer, Colbert’s wishes included his name on the ballot as well as a referendum on the personhood of corporations, none of which was granted. Public Policy Polling decided to see what would have happened had the political fairy godmother granted his wishes, though, and found some interesting results.

-5% of primary voters would pick Colbert. He runs behind Mitt Romney’s 27%, Newt Gingrich’s 23%, Rick Santorum’s 18%, Ron Paul’s 8%, and Rick Perry’s 7%. But’s he beating out Jon Huntsman’s 4% and Buddy Roemer’s 1%…

-Colbert’s key, had he been allowed on the ballot, would have been to draw out Democratic voters in the state’s open primary. 34% of Democrats planning to vote in the Republican contest support him to 15% for Romney, 13% for Gingrich, and 10% for Santorum. That actually leads to a serious question though- if Colbert had really been on the ballot would enough Democrats have gone out to vote for him to put him in the top tier of Republican candidates?…

Full story at Public Policy Polling via The Daily Beast.

Colbert for President.

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