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The 5-part morning ritual that makes every day a winner

Before skipping this article because you’re tired of tips on positive thinking, what if we told you the right frame of mind first thing in the morning provides a significant boost to productivity?

Now, we’re talking.

According to the research of Shawn Achor, a positive outlook improves productivity by thirty-one percent and can be achieved by setting aside twenty-three minutes each morning to go through the five-step process outlined at Inc.

1. Write down three acts of gratitude.

What three new things are you grateful for? Write it down. For long-term effect, Achor says do it for 21 straight days…

2. Journal one positive experience.

Write in detail about one positive experience you’ve had during the past 24 hours. Bullet point each detail you can remember. According to Achor, this allows your brain to relive the experience, which teaches your brain that the positive behavior matters. It works, he says, since the brain can’t tell the difference between visualization and actual experience…

Full story at Inc.

Happy thoughts for a productive day.

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