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5 questions for better blog posts


For many bloggers, there isn’t a coworker at the ready to read over a potential post and provide feedback before it goes out to the public, so it’s important to have a dialogue with oneself to evaluate if the piece has some great legs on it.

To help kick the meeting off with your inner editor, Ali Luke at Daily Blog Tips has five questions to ask yourself both before and while writing that next post to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Question #1: “Does this post have one key topic?”

Your blog posts should have one topic – not several…

Question #2: “How will this help my reader?”

Rather than just writing about whatever’s on your mind, think about what your readers want. That could be a “how to” or tutorial, or it might be a list of tips or ideas…

Full story at Daily Blog Tips.

Be a better blogger.

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