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5 reasons to live in Berlin


London, Paris, Rome…Berlin?

The capitol of Germany may not ignite the imaginations of many looking to set up a new life abroad, but Berlin has a number of advantages foreigners may not have considered that could quickly bump it up on the list of places to go and stay.

Tom at Expatify.com outlines five great reasons to take a closer look at the once-divided city with a dark past but a very bright future.

1 – Berlin is one of the most exciting cities in the world right now

By now everyone had heard the buzz about Berlin. It’s where artists and entrepreneurs and anyone who isn’t otherwise tied to another location is moving at the moment. Due partly to the other reasons mentioned below, Berlin is attracting young and interesting people from all over the globe, making it a great place to get involved with people who are doing new things.

It’s also relatively easy to get, say, a software or web business started there because rules aren’t quite as strict as they are in many other European cities where there is a mountain of paperwork to get through before you even begin.

2 – Berlin is quite cheap compared to other major European cities

Perhaps the single reason why Berlin is the hot place to be now for mobile artists and professionals is that it’s one of the cheapest major European cities in which to live. Due to the unusual situation where West Berlin was surrounded by communist East Germany for 40 years, all the biggest and most profitable German countries moved to West German in that era, and almost none of them have moved back since reunification.

Because of this, Berlin has massive amounts of available housing, and relatively few rich people competing for space. This means that most locals earn somewhat modest wages, and rents have to stay cheap. You can get a fairly nice apartment in Berlin for €500 per month with a decent location, or even less if you need to, while a similar place would cost at least twice if not three times that in London or Paris.

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