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5 signs your small business needs a new logo

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Your business’ logo is a fast and easy way to stamp the image of your brand onto the minds of customers, but with all the changes that have occurred as much of marketing’s gone digital, it could be time for your company’s logo to undergo an overhaul.

Entrepreneur’s Stephanie Vozza explains five signs that it’s time to bring in the designers and go back to the drawing board for a brand-spanking new logo.

1. Your logo doesn’t adapt well to modern media.
If your logo was designed for your storefront 15 years ago, it might not be optimized to work well on a website or on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

“It may have looked great on a sign or in a Yellow Pages ad, but businesses today promote themselves in a lot of new ways,” says Llewellyn. “It’s important that the logo works across several mediums.”

Llewellyn says entrepreneurs should ask themselves these questions: Can the logo be sized up or down and still be readable? Does it look good in black and white? Can you derive an icon from it? Does it make an appealing button for a mobile app? If the answer to any of these questions is no, it may be time for a new logo design.

2. Your logo doesn’t represent your current business.
Over time, most business evolve. It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to start out with one product or service, then grow and diversify into something quite different. If your logo doesn’t reflect what you currently offer, it’s time for a rebranding, says Llewellyn.

“A logo isn’t about where your business was in the past,” he says. “A logo should be aspirational, capturing the essence of your business today as well as where you’re headed in the future.”

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Time for a new design.

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