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5 simple steps to finding new clients with social media


A business not looking for new clients is like…well, it isn’t a business now, is it? Yet many businesses are still trying to figure out how to best use social media to their benefit.

That’s why Des Walsh developed these five simple steps to help you get started on the right path to reaching your target market and for those wondering why their social media campaign isn’t up to par, it could prove beneficial to rethink your efforts from the beginning and see if there aren’t weak points in the strategy that could use some tweaking.


Social media provides new opportunities to identify our ideal clients and provides also some new learning and experimentation, especially for those not already comfortable with using social media for business.

Having a clear picture of our ideal client is essential if we are going to:

– use our marketing time and budget productively

– not be always settling for whoever comes along

This is basic foundational work for any kind of marketing, but taking time out to do it thoroughly is essential.

Our existing clients can help.

Full story at Des Walsh via Social Media Dudes.

Marketing with social media.

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