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5 sleep tips for college students


Making sure to pack the laptop and flip-flops for the shower isn’t the only thing parents can give their children heading to college, and though advice may fall by the wayside as soon as the first set of mid-terms looms, at least you can say you tried.

Professor Colleen Carney of Ryerson University’s Sleep and Depression lab has five tips for college students concerning sleep that might sink in a little if you remind them every day until they leave and at least twenty times on the trip to campus. (A note in the laptop might not hurt either.)

1. Get a good night’s sleep

Don’t deprive yourself of sleep to get more done. Sleep deprivation is a major brain and energy killer—consider scaling back your to-do list and find new ways to manage your time, and above all else, get some rest. You will do better on your test and pay more attention in class if you are well rested. Getting a good night’s sleep can also prevent more serious sleep and mood problems from developing.

2. Sleep schedules: “Not just for kids anymore!”

Sleep is a major factor in mood and productivity. With a schedule full of late-night parties and studying, you will quickly find yourself deprived of a few hours night after night. A variable bedtime and wake-up time throughout the week can produce jetlag-like symptoms of fatigue, insomnia and poor mood. Adults experience the same problems as young children when they have variable sleep schedules (i.e. increased emotional problems and difficulty pay attention and sleeping).

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