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5 tips for getting a seasonal job to stick


The one thing that makes the holiday season a joy for the un- or underemployed among us is that it’s that special time of year when companies open the coffers to hire seasonal help.

Getting a foot in the door isn’t only good for the cheer a long-awaited paycheck brings, though, since playing your cards right could mean a more prosperous New Year if that seasonal job turns permanent.

Even if it’s an uphill climb, Mashable’s Chelsea Gladden has five tips for making a seasonal job permanent or, at the very least, keeping your name at the top of the list should an opportunity open.

1. Prove Your Worth: Sounds like a no-brainer, but if you are able to demonstrate your impact on the bottom line, a company is most likely going to recognize they need to keep you. If you have to, point out the creative idea you had or the suggestion you made that reduced costs: Employers will take note that your skills can impact profits.

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