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5 tips for introverts to gather an online crowd


Introverts have been enjoying a quiet heyday recently as TED talks, comics and animation have highlighted the beneficial characteristics of strong and silent types.

If the thought of drawing a crowd in person isn’t an appealing one, the Internet offers a world of possibilities to offer one’s ideas to the world without the stress of social interaction, and Melissa Ng at Copyblogger has five tips for introverts to take advantage of this incredible resource and let their voices be heard.

1. Be bookish

Sometimes you find spending a night with a good book more exciting than a night out. And when it comes to a topic that interests you, you could easily spend hours reading more about it…

… This means reading, researching, and obsessing over everything in your niche. It also helps to diversify your reading to improve your general knowledge and spark new connections…

2. Be quiet (and listen)

We introverts prefer to listen more than talk. But when we do speak, it’s only when we think we have something useful to say.

And in today’s noisy world of increasingly short attention spans, we need more good listeners…

… [W]e can trust a writer who listens first and offers solutions later.

By listening, you understand the minds and needs of your readers. And when you know what’s on their minds, you can craft more focused content to solve their problems…

Full story at Copyblogger.

Let your voice be heard.

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