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5 tips for tapping creativity


Though many professions rely on their practitioners endless well of inspiration, musicians and songwriters have the pressure of having to dig a little deeper to find groundbreaking and original ideas, because if a listener has heard it before, they’ll call you on it faster than you can say “Under Pressure.”

Jeff Scheetz of The Punch-In’s advice on sparking creativity doesn’t have to be confined to musical spheres, though, and for you other creative types, the perfect path back to creativity could be paved with instrument lessons (because that banjo isn’t going to learn to play itself, folks).

1. Tap into another source.

In other words go for ideas in a place you don’t usually go. As a songwriter sometimes I look at something mundane or mechanical and think of a lyric for that. This is against the usual flowery, romantic thoughts of a “lyricist”, but it is that very abrupt change that sometimes sparks a new idea.

Full story at The Punch-In.

Get creative.

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