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5 tips on fevers for concerned parents


Nothing’s quite like the sinking feeling a caretaker gets when a child suddenly comes down with a fever, yet as Dr. Hannah Chow-Johnson of Loyola University points out, fevers aren’t necessarily a bad thing.

“Fevers can actually help your child recover more quickly, especially if he or she is battling a viral illness,” said Chow-Johnson. “I often wish thermometers had a gauge that read either ‘fever’ or ‘no fever.’ That would definitely help parents who worry if their child has a fever that’s too high.

That isn’t much comfort for the concerned adult who’s suddenly dealing with one very cranky child, though, so the good doctor has five tips about fevers to help you out the next time a fever strikes.

1. Fevers are safe.

A fever is the body’s way of controlling its immune response. Your child’s body is controlling the temperature and it’s going to fluctuate no matter what you do. Don’t awaken a child from a deep sleep to give medications for the fever. Sleep is more important.

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