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5 tips to survive a blizzard


There are two massive weather systems colliding over the Northeastern US right now, bringing blizzard conditions and snowfall warnings.

Here are a few tips that will help you to survive a heavy snowfall:

  1. Make sure your house will have a water source, and that your pipes will not freeze by wrapping them in insulation. Pipes can freeze about at about 20 degrees Fahrenheit or -7 Celsius.
  2. Stock up on food – canned and dry are best. And don’t forget about pet food.
  3. Make sure you have items for warmth – blankets, coats, hats, mittens.
  4. If you are healthy and able to shovel, shovel early and often so that the snow doesn’t accumulate and become too difficult to move.
  5. If you absolutely must go out in your car, remember that the number one survival tip if you get stranded is, “stay with your car”. An emergency kit for your car is a must. It should include at the minimum: a cell phone, a battery-operated radio, a sleeping bag, candles and matches, snacks and water. Don’t forget that you may not always be able to reach items stored in the trunk. It’s best to keep them close-by.

SeeĀ howstuffworks.com for more tips and information.

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  • Having grown up in the desert, I didn’t know any of these. Thanks!