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5 traits to look for in a quality virtual assistant


The administrative assistant that doubles as your right hand likely no longer sits just outside the office door in the age of computers, but could be perched across the world ready to whip through some correspondence or organize an upcoming event.

With the days of the face-to-face interview and daily interaction going the way of the typewriter, it’s important to know what one should look for in a quality virtual assistant, so the folks at Virtual Assistant Information have a few tips for finding the right fit for your business.


When first communicating with the virtual assistants who have responded to your Request for Proposal (or RFP) look for evidence of professionalism. Does he or she respond and/or follow-up in a timely manner? (Hint: a true professional *always* follows up, even if it’s just to say ‘Thank you for your time.’.) Does he or she use professional language and approach the situation as you would approach your own potential clients?

Communication Skills

Because virtual assistants are of course virtual , you will likely never meet him or her in person. This makes it even more imperative for a VA to have excellent communication skills. Articulate, direct communication is essential to the success of your working relationship. (Hint: It’s equally important for you, the client, to communicate directly with the virtual assistant.) Poor communication is the number one reason why most relationships (business or otherwise) fail, so learn from each prospective virtual assistant what their communication methods are, and how available they are relative to your own needs and expectations.

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Finding the right virtual assistant.

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