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5 Twitter tips to boost your business


Hearing about the latest celebrity scandal born of a tweet gone awry doesn’t exactly inspire businesses to put their faith in this popular social media outlet for the sake of boosting their brand, but with a solid social media strategy and a steady hand at the helm, there are a number of ways Twitter can be the just the thing you’ve been looking for.

Blair Evan Ball at Prepare 1 has five ways businesses can use Twitter for good rather than evil.

1. It is a great way to amplify your brand: Twitter is not free — it takes time, and time is, after all, money. It is time well spent if you are clear about your strategy, goals and objectives.

– Branding a business usually takes a lot of money — you have to spend to get people to notice you and the business personality you are working to create.

– But by tweeting tweets that reinforce your brand, by creating a Twitter page that does the same, by becoming a thought leader via Twitter, and then by connecting with people on the site, you slowly but surely build your small business brand.

Full story at Prepare 1.

How to use Twitter.

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