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5 types of workers far more destructive than telecommuters


Though you might not have heard the wail of protest when Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer put the kibosh on telecommuting (because we were at home), Inc.’s Geoffrey James makes a compelling point about the greater destructive power of certain personality types in the office when it comes to killing productivity and workplace morale.

1. Vampires

Workplace vampires don’t suck blood; they suck all the energy out of the room. The moment they come through the door, they have a reason why something won’t work, a story that illustrates the futility of trying, and a list of unsolvable problem that need your immediate attention.

Telecommuting doesn’t stop vampires from being pessimistic, but the fact that they must communicate their pessimism by a diffuse medium like email limits their ability to impinge their mood upon other people.

2. Volcanoes

Volcanoes show an impassive face to the world while they silently collect a long list of the times they’ve been “disrespected” by the people around them. Rather than clearing the air, they let the pressure build, and then build some more, and then they explode into a tantrum that leaves everyone thinking: “Where did THAT come from?”

Telecommuting doesn’t prevent volcanoes from exploding, but it does prevent them from exploding more than once. While temper tantrums can be indulged (and thus repeated) few volcanoes ever send out more than one nuclear SLAM-O-GRAM.

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