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5 ways college does prepare you for the big, bad world


Talk to the self-made man or woman buying a far nicer car than you because they don’t have hefty student loans to pay, and often you’ll get the list of 101 ways college is just a big high school for people without a better plan or more ambition.

We understand their point, and it does seem like there are plenty more lessons to learn once the grace period that is higher education comes to a close, but Cracked has found five important lessons about real life one does learn in college (though you’re still not going to be able to afford that nicer car).

#5. People Are Less Good/Bad and More Sane/Insane

 I used to think the world was divided into good and bad people. Things were black and white. As I got older, I acquired a deeper appreciation for shades of gray, but that’s not the point of this entry. College taught me that before I could judge good and evil, there was a more basic inquiry that needed to be addressed: Is this person bats**t insane?…

#4. Weasels Succeed

 There’s always that guy in high school who is just smarter than everyone else. He doesn’t need the teacher. You put exams in front of him and they’ll come back with 100s every time. And then there’s that other kid who sits in the front row and raises his hand a lot. He constantly asks, “Will this be on the test?” and then he gets a copy of an old exam from his brother’s best friend’s sister to prep. That kid gets 100s all the time, too. I didn’t mind getting inferior grades to the smart guy, but the other kid always pissed me off. I was pretty sure his grab-a**, bulls**t games wouldn’t work at the college level.

They totally worked at the college level…

Full story at Cracked.

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