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5 ways to better promote your company in 2010


Sonja Jefferson compiled a useful list of five ways to better promote your company in 2010. They include:

  • Make your web strategy bigger than your web site.
  • Produce useful, informative content.
  • Think “niche.”

Click through to read more about each of these tips as well as her final two. She also compiled a list of the four pillars of a successful business website that is useful too. Good, solid, and practical stuff for many small businesses.

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  • sdrenick

    It’s truly amazing how easy it is to get this kind of stuff done. Most companies spend time developing content for internal circulation, yet it never see’s the light of day. People produce content all day long in the form of emails, instant messages, and chatter around the pop machine. Most of it is important info that the outside world would love to see, but never will.