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5 ways to fall in love with winter biking


Come spring, everyone seems to make a resolution to start biking to work, but as that familiar crispness hits the air, those resolutions die faster than you can say “Jack Frost” and that two-wheeled machine hunkers down in the basement to hibernate for the winter.

Winter doesn’t have to mean an end to biking, though, and A.K. Streeter at Treehugger has five suggestions for those who are committed to the car-free lifestyle or just desperately want to escape the cabin this year.

1. Keep Waterproof Gear on You, Always.

Road bicyclists like to travel very light, and they don’t mind mud. City cyclists, on the other hand, usually want to arrive to work — or any other destination — looking dry and somewhat put together. That makes it advisable to carry waterproof gear – rain pants, a real impermeable rain jacket, and if possible, rain boots – with you when we’re in the wintry half of the year….

2. Adjust Brakes, Learn Wet Braking Technique, Get Disc Brakes.

On slippery-slidey winter days, you’ll want the best braking ability possible. Learning to do your own brake adjustments is not particularly hard or greasy work, but if you don’t fancy doing it yourself, have it done as winter approaches. Check periodically to keep leaves, mud, and other crud off of your brake pads during winter riding. In addition, figure out how to handle winter bike path hazards like wet leaves. Susi at Velojoy has a straightforward post on riding on leaves. Also, it’s possible you may want to consider a bike with disc brakes if you are going to be riding a lot in winter. Disc brakes are more complex and expensive than regular rim brakes, but provide more braking power…

Full story at Treehugger.

All-weather cycling.

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