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5 ways to maximize your business’ exposure on Yelp


Though it’s come into its fair share of criticism, Yelp is one of the most popular ways customers seek out places to spend their hard-earned cash, and that means any business serious about making a buck should be making the most of this service.

As part of a five-part series, Entrepreneur’s Aj Kumar looks at how to make your mark on Yelp.

Fill out your profile completely: Like many of the engines we’ve covered in this alternative search series, Yelp values businesses that have filled out their profiles to the greatest extent possible. So, take advantage of this easy-to-achieve ranking factor and fill out as many of the business information fields as you can, including your company’s hours of operation, website address, pictures and more.

Ask for reviews: It’s against Yelp’s terms of service to pay reviewers or to engage in review trading scams. That said, there’s nothing wrong with asking customers to take a few minutes to leave their thoughts on your company’s Yelp profile, as long as you’re not pushy about it. Of course, requesting reviews is only a good idea if you’re confident that the feedback will be positive.

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