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5 ways to tap into your innovative streak


Are great innovators just born that way or simply lucky enough to be standing in the right spot when inspiration strikes?

The answer is neither.

The next great idea could be lurking in your mind at the intersection of experience, observations, and ideas, and Jure Klepic at Unspoken has summarized five ways to tap into your inner innovator from Debra Kaye’s book Red Thread Thinking.

Create new ideas from ones that are already out there. Coming up with an “original” idea can be a real task. But that’s okay, nothing’s perfect and sometimes things need to be improved upon. Take, for example, the ever-evolving field of communication. The fifteenth century Gutenberg press was based on ancient Chinese moveable type from years past and Gutenberg’s own metallurgy expertise. Reworking, or tweaking, existing ideas into something new (and improved) will lead to successful innovation.

Ask unexpected questions. In order to come up with new and meaningful ideas, you need to put some thought into the shape and scope of the questions you are asking. If Jay Walker, the creator of Priceline.com, had not consulted with hotels and airlines as to what would work within their framework, he would have created just another travel site that failed to stand out from the rest.  However, because Walker was able to gain an edge by asking the right questions, he opened new avenues of exchange for consumer-driven businesses.

Full story at Unspoken.

Finding the keys to innovation.

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