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5 ways to up engagement on Google+

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Feel like the odd man (or woman) out on Google+, envying those with a place to hangout scheduled every Saturday night?

Megan Conley at Social Media Examiner has five tips for increasing your engagement on Google+ and finally taking your rightful place with the cool kids.

#1: Make Your Google+ Page Findable

First, to make sure your Google+ page is easily findable, add a Google+ Badge to your website. You can add a badge for both personal Google+ accounts and business accounts.

Badges make it easy for visitors to find and engage with you in one simple click of a mouse.

#2: Network Strategically With Circles

Curation isn’t just for content; it’s an important tool for organizing your relationships on Google+. Circles are an effective way to manage different interest groups and home in on the communities and conversations that matter to you.

For example, you can create circles around themes such as Food, Fly Fishing, Content Marketing, Social Media Experts, Dog Lovers, etc…

Full story at Social Media Examiner.

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